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About Me

With an MBA and advanced certificates in Life Coaching and Wellness, I take a holistic approach to financial wellness. 

People face issues these days that cannot be solved with products they hear about from a typical broker.  

It takes deep listening and understanding. We don't just throw a product at you.

I learned to master creative, strategic, out of the box thinking when I was tasked with top line, financial & corporate growth strategies for Fortune 500 companies. Serving as member of the Executive teams of a large F-100 companies, and as a Management Consultant I saw it takes defining the problem you need and want to solve to find that one perfect solution for that moment. Here, we are unafraid to research, and uncover all the answers before we ask you to choose.  Don't limit your options

Pointing Pen and Finger on Document
Getting life insurance right breaks a cycle of inter-generational poverty and lack of funds for things like college or getting a great start in life that is vital to the success of children and grandchildren.

-Carolina Reid

Better Finances Can Change Lives

My doctor told me that it was because of her mom’s Cancer policy that she was able to go to Med school. Her mom received a lump sum of over $25,000. I had a friend who on the other hand quit school to take care of her mom for cancer and never went back to college. She hangs out around town now and is sort of a florist. 


These experiences have shaped my view of how these products can change lives. 


Take stock of who or what matters most to you.


"We didn’t know that our old agent left us with overpriced coverage that had a waiting period. Then Carolina came along and showed us the light"

- Kyle, TX

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