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If you were looking for some Health Evangelists to help you solve your problems, you found 'em! Welcome! 





WholeMind is a non-pharmaceutical holistic health program designed specifically to optimize your brain health.


We deliver better SLEEP, stronger BRAIN HEALTH, and renewed ENERGY.  

Your present pain is not a sign of age. And your future is not your parent's. You can rewrite your story.

See how many of our courageous clients have been helped to make big changes by our simple, goal-oriented programs. 


Check out how in our PROGRAMS section. 

14 days to a perfect night sleep

14-day resistance band blast
14 days to a clearer, focused mind
Results documented and tested at every level for each participant!
Credentialing Programs for Professional organizations
Heart-centered care is at the core of everything we do!
Let yourself explore a new level of experiential healing for the mind.
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