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The Best Financial Coaching For You

We make sure no stone is left unturned to find you the best possible options for your coverage based on your health, your income needs, and the current value of your coverage.

My Services

See what I have to offer
Financial Coaching

Quickly assess your unique financial personality and place a positive future within your grasp.

Whole & Term Life Insurance:

Demystify the strengths and benefits of these distinct products and gain some insider secrets.

Annuities & Indexed Life Products

Learn how you could achieve safe and tax free or tax deferred returns without market risk.


About Carolina

Serving families and individuals preparing for retirement has become a passion of mine. I think this goes back to an experience I had helping my grandmother during the aftermath of my grandfather's passing, as I watched her slowly unravel the facts and figures of his accounts, and insurance policies. I realized that being financially literate and empowered with facts is essential. 

Still so many people I work with begin with "Oh, he's the type to have that all figured out." My grandfather was the type to have that all figured out too. Yet there were many surprises and there all too often, are.  Like seeing a doctor, getting a second opinion on the way your financial products perform, and seeing if there are any newer, or better solutions out there, is essential to a healthy financial life. 

My Guarantee

Transparency: all actions are fully explained in advance, and we always leave you with a written record of the products we discussed

Education: I will help educate you to the fullest extent you want

Accountability and openness: I will be open and accountable on all agreements including ease of cancellation

Stewardship of Health: Your health is your ticket to wealth and we will explain how your health helps

Equal treatment of all people: We value and serve all people with the best level of care regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. 

Giving back: We give back in our local communities. 


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