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  • How much does it cost?
    The biggest question I am asked is how much does it cost? This is a great question. The answer is really that you are in the driver’s seat. We always recommend products that have both living and death benefits.
  • How do we meet?
    We offer flexible meeting options. We have offices available, or we can meet in Zoom or we can meet in your home. The choice is yours.
  • What do we talk about?
    At first we will begin with understanding your needs. This is a simple and professional sharing of my knowledge of how life insurance and annuities work and helping you. This way you can determine which segment of the vast set of product offerings there are in the world will give you value for you and your family and assess what you might qualify for.
  • Where do your clients come from?
    Each week I personally receive about 30 or 40 requests for information on state regulated life insurance products.
  • How do I schedule a meeting?
    The best way is to send me a meeting request at this link here:______(insert meeting link) or email us here (insert email link).
  • What states do you work in?
    I am personally based in Austin TX, and in Oklahoma between Oklahoma City and Tulsa, I also have a presence in New York City. Our organization covers most states and I can connect you to the right person for your area.
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