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Legal Handshake

Regulated Carriers

Who We Work With

We work with almost 100 state regulated carriers of Life Insurance and Annuities. 


Here are some of the top ones we love and why.


Financial Ratings of A- or higher by AM Best. This is the agency that rates the debt and financial performance of insurance carriers.


We want to make sure we only place you with carriers that make sound financial choices, have good histories, great backing, and will be with you for the long run. 


Good customer service ratings within the Department of Insurance: Departments of insurance rate companies based on Marketing as well as how well they pay out on their policies. So we make sure that the companies we place you with will not spam you with misleading marketing information to get you to sign up for no-value products, Or come up with tricky reasons for not paying out what they owe you. We find you quality companies that pay what they owe when they owe it based on the vetting by professionals within state regulated agencies.

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