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Repairing Digital Dementia

Programs > Teenagers- Young Adults

We all want to keep using our devices. Let us show you how you can do it without suffering depression, mood swings and loss of memory that these things can lead to. Digital demential was a scientific discovery by Manfred Spitzer in 2012 that describes a break down in cognitive abilities from using screens a lot. We use them a lot in our current society. 

We have worked with teens and tested their cognitive abilities using memory and reflect tests. The constant exposure to gaming and digital media is destructive to memory. Teachers ,and parents have experienced this first hand.  This program using exercises that stimulate specific regions of the brain. holistic diet and changing a teens relationship with food and his or her de-stressors, we can craft a new course. One that builds the brain. 

In a workshop done at TedX Youth Summit in 2017 & 2019 Whole Mind led 30-minute speed workshops with food-based, supplements, yoga asana and meditation. The participants increased their mean memory scores 67%.

These are one-on-one coaching sessions focussed on transformational coaching. You will receive an array of information and a life-long plan for nourishment and exercise to build the brain and control negative impulses while strengthening positive ones.