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I am offering holistic brain health and I am a sleep coach. I offer non-pharmaceutical therapies to help my clients master their mind’s full potential, achieving consistent good mood, consistent goal attainment, and strong memory improvement. I start with people looking to make critical decisions at key points in their lives with a new career, relationship, or project, because this is a critical point when a poor decision cannot be undone. Most of my clients range in age from 45-77 and many are older.  At every age people start to re-evaluate their priorities & they realize they need more “brain power” for the new thing they are excited about doing. 


In the last 4 years I have completed 4 different certificates in ELDOA, Certified Postural Neurology, as an Internationally certified Holistic Health Coach, and as a 300 Hr Yoga Teacher in Yin and Vinyasa. I truly have transformed my knowledge and abilities, despite prior to that being a corporate executive at GE and E&Y, being on a a hospital board of directors and being an advisor on an innovative food system transformation program at a hospital system.


Despite being capable before, my own  ability to follow up and stay on task really increased dramatically while using my own program.  Each piece of knowledge was acquired in the service of building this very strong mind-body neuro-science program so I could serve others. But the real benefactor in opening up my level of compassion for others was also me. This will be true for you as well. But first, begin with you!


How much do you invest in your own personal development? Do you have a barometer in your head for whether you have had a great day for your brain's health or a poor one? Do you even have a clear sense of what that means? It might not be what you think. 

Right now in America, more than 68% of people world-wide suffer from life-style related ailments that could be cleared up entirely with some habit and lifestyle changes, and they could life nearly drug and side-effect free. And nearly 40% will get dementia after the age of 80 and be told there is nothing that can be done. Yet there are countless studies and programs administered by scientists whose research fuels this program that PROVE the opposite.

Take a look at our programs and see what works for you as a starting point. Click here for a free 20-minute opening conversation to learn about YOU. We don't care what you buy and we won't ask you to. But we want you to be informed. 


Whatever you do, try something that moves you!  There is a tiny voice inside you that is begging you to change something! Congratulations! You have found a safe, informed space to do it.