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In the last 4 years I have completed 4 different certificates in ELDOA, Certified Postural Neurology, as an Internationally certified Holistic Health Coach, and as a 300 Hr Yoga Teacher in Yin and Vinyasa. I was seeking to solve a problem I encountered daily, in friends, family and co-workers. It's a problem of modern daily life. I went to Dartmouth College with a science degree, and I have an MBA from INSEAD. 


I have experience as a corporate executive at GE and led a part of GE Medical Systems healthcare, and E&Y, and served on a a hospital board of directors.  I saw that the medical system is not well set up to bringing non-surgical, non-drug therapies to market. When I was an advisor on an innovative food system transformation program at a hospital system--to farm to table food, I learned about how much we get back when we invest health and measure the results. Patients got healthier, and the results were astounding. 

When I worked with my first dementia patients and saw them improve I was more shocked than the scientists whose research I was using. 

Remember the movie the Matrix? Your personal matrix is a combination of what obstacles are out there and what you create for yourself to triumph over. We will give you the tools to create your own matrix. It's not about tips and tricks. It's about really creating an entirely new way of looking at your mind and how you build it each day. Each mind is unique. 

The research is there to show you how to reverse all of this. And its my mission to bring this to you. Clearly, simply and at a program level that works for your budget. 

Take a look at our programs and see what works for you as a starting point. Click here for a free 20-minute opening conversation to learn about YOU. We don't care what you buy and we won't ask you to. But we want you to be informed. 


Whatever you do, try something that moves you!  There is a tiny voice inside you that is begging you to change something! Congratulations! You have found a safe, informed space to do it.