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"You went above and beyond in this way. It really means a lot to me, and to other people with scoliosis. I’ve been wanting to start a yoga practice for a long time but have been making excuses...thank you for looking out for me and other scoili people. I appreciate you."

- Faith H.

"Madeleine is so very committed to her clients and to constant learning environment that she constantly renews our respect by always bringing the best from her heart and her mind."

- Stacey M.

"She gets the best out me, even on the days when I do not want to be at my best and I drag in. So against my best efforts at self-sabotage I am getting better. This is the essence of a great leader and teacher."

- Sue C.

"I got a concussion and I was just too active to lie in bed, worry and wait out the awful symptoms, and the doctor had no answers. So we tried a holistic concussion recovery program. She explained everything we did and why. I truly feel better than I did before the concussion."

- Tom

"As a coaching client, I lost 30 pounds. I am more successful than I ever was in all of my activities and launching a new product. She is such a positive influence."

- Suzanne

"When Madeleine comes here to the center the patients light up.  After her sessions they more easily take baths, eat, drink and socialize. She leaves them in a state of peace. "

- Senior Living Activity Coordinator

"As a coaching client she has seen me through highs and lows, and back up again. I find that I get big belly laughs during almost every session and I am discovering my true power and desires. This is not too bad for a person suffering from depression."

- Robin

"Ella es un ángel. Ella es una estrella en América Latina, pero es tan modesta que nunca lo sabría, y su programa es excelente para la salud del cerebro y para perder peso. Ella te ayudará mucho!"

- Cecilia