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ReWire Your Matrix

We identified 3 key areas of impact to help individuals find paths to stronger holistic brain health.

Impact with school, anxiety and memory. ​

Due to extensive time spent in digital media, many teens and young adults ages 12-25 test low for memory and fact retention. In fact, they test at early stage dementia levels. To make matters worse, this is when the young brain is expected to perform the highest. Modern media entices the mind to react only to an intoxicating brew of electronic stimulus, reducing its innate ability to focus & learn. Working with this group, we are able to increase memory test scores 25-80% using holistic, nourishment and neurologically based exercise stimulus methods. 

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Impact with mid-life memory and sleep problems. 

The stresses of modern life, environmental toxins, lack of social interaction, a screens-driven lifestyle combined with the food choices currently available in Western society contribute to a loss in mental acuity, concentration and can lay the foundations for dementia later. It also correlates with today's three-fold increase in the rate of prescribing of anti-depressants. With a natural program, we are able to increase memory test scores, help people to become happier without the use of anti-depressants, and achieve more in their careers & personal lives. 

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Reversing symptoms of early stage dementia and memory issues

Based on published scientific studies that demonstrate how the brain can build mass based on a carefully executed, rehabilitative program, we are able to get increased scores on memory tests with people diagnosed with Alzheimer's from pre-symptomatic to the early part of advanced onset. This therapy reduces some of the most salient symptoms such as sleeplessness, anxiety and repetition and has been shown to prevent decline, giving people years more of quality of life and more active lifestyles and independence. 

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What we do for you?

We help students at any age regain memory and mental clarity by re-powering the mind-body connection through our MD and laboratory test-derived program techniques and using movement therapy, meditation,  neurologic nutrition and working memory brain testing, training with progress tracking.

One on One Coaching We have observed  how the type of physical movement matters to the brain, including the precision of each movement. So the movement itself, as well as the speed, weight and intensity matter. We work with sound frequency and vibration. Unlike any other program we researched we combine best in breed in high impact 30 -45 minute sessions that combine all 3 types of modalities:


- Nutrition coaching to create an enhanced health and brain-growth environment

- Muscle work and energetic-release movement to optimize hormonal development

- Meditation & relaxation to optimize neurogenesis


We combine these elements to help tune the body and mind creating your optimal environment for the generation of new brain cells and new neural pathways. 

Group Classes in our group sessions, see booking page, we use movement followed by discussions to engage the student in transformative work.

Results will include


- Release long held stuck areas of tension

- Discover areas of fears or body trauma  and begin to heal them with strengthening and lenthening work

- Improve focus, mood and concentration

We bring in information about brain health nutrition, and include meditation as well as brain health check-ins so you will know what to celebrate, where to grow and how focus your effort. 

Look on our class sign up and workshops page to learn more.