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For Professionals

We offer training to Professionals seeking to train in the latest advances in holistic brain health.  We offer a 50 hour program covering the fundamentals of neuroscience, recent advanced research in ways to improve outcomes in memory and performance, the way the body affects the mind, the way the mind impacts the body, conclusive research on diet and the brain, daily pillars in next-level brain health, measuring progress memory, and how to build a strong rapport without burnout.  We also debunk supplements. 

Who we work with: psychotherapists trained in cognitive therapy, physical therapists, physical trainers, nurses, in-home care partners, medical care staff in long term care facilities and adult day facilities. 

Program details

Online offering:

  • 50 hours of online course content

  • 5 in person coaching sessions via video link

  • 2 professional Hot seat sessions to work on professional development issues you are currently facing

All sessions and material are recorded and available after course is concluded. 

For pricing refer to Programs and Pricing Section of Website.