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About Us

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Our Story

This is coaching-led holistic brain wellness. We integrate isometric yoga and mediation into our program because we believe intelligent movement integral to your success and ours. We integrate that with nutrition and nourishment counseling to help you build new patterns of thought and behavior that defy your inherited and habitual ones. 

We began as yoga teachers, nurses, business people from the health care sector and with hard work, research and practice, over time we won support and endorsements from mainstream medical establishments. 


We employ the most modern systems for blood work and help you do the preventive medical coordination necessary to make sure you are in good hands.

We are based in Austin, TX and we are rapidly expanding. We have put energy into our online-Video program and mailed-in kits, so don’t hesitate to call and schedule that online appointment. We also can come see you if you are in our area. 

How We Built Our Programs

The Whole Mind program is a combination of ancient practice with modern science. We gathered research results from Harvard University, UCLA, University of Minnesota and several other research institutions focusing on brain science and combined them with in depth science of the gut biome and its impact on the brain, functional medicine, and postural neurology and put it into action through the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation.

We believe in an experience-driven delivery mechanism. First of all we know that knowledge alone does not create change.  if knowing about a new way were all it took at least half us the population would be in great health, given all the infomation out there.  Yet 86% of people suffer from either a chronic lifestyle disease or take a medication for a chronic disease.

With practice we have learned the art and science of changing behavior, and to do that we had to understand the roots of behavior when it comes to health. 


So to accomplish that we know we need to combine knowledge and movement and behavior change. We work hard with our students to bake the knowledge in at the level of their neuronal pathways using every technique available to us.


Precise, isometric movements for any level.


Made accessible for everyone.

Brain-Strong Diet

Neurologic nutrition.

We want to bring the wisdom of the scientists and the top Holistic MD’s who until today remain locked away in high end resort-like settings behind 6-figure price tags and bring it out to people who need and deserve this benefit.

Everyone deserves a change to have his or her dreams come true. This takes a little time and plain old showing up for yourself, but the change is continuous and is loaded in like a new code. It becomes accepted like wisdom, that the mind and body have always known, but were also waiting to hear.